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Your Baptism

at St. Nicholas Laindon 


Godparents play an important role and the following rules apply in the Christian Church:

  • Each child should have a minimum of three godparents and we recommend no more than four godparents per child.

  • A girl being baptised would usually have two godmothers and one godfather.

  • A boy being baptised would usually have two godfathers and one godmother.

  • However one adult can be a godparent to more than one child.

  • Godparents must themselves be baptised.*

  • They must be over 16 years old.

  • Parents can also be godparents.

  • In the church service godparents will be required to make promises on behalf of your child and they need to be comfortable with these promises. To help prepare them for this vital role it is helpful if they attend our baptism preparation session with you.

  • Being a godparent doesn’t mean becoming the child’s legal guardian but it does mean promising to be a special friend to your child to help them to grow and develop their friendship with God.

Please speak to a member of the clergy if you need to discuss godparents.

*  If you have chosen someone to be a Godparent who isn’t baptised they can still be a ‘Baptism Supporter’ and take an active part in the service and in your child’s life.

Please speak to a member of the clergy if you have further questions.

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